I can’t tell if Tumblr really has went downhill in these last few months, or if it’s always been this lame and I’ve just been blind the whole time. There’s just no substance in 90% of these posts. Nothing I see on any of these blogs can really keep my attention for more than a few seconds; everybody just blends together forming one big blob of pretentiousness. You could say that I’m being pretentious in criticizing this pretentiousness but at least I’m able to recognize my faults.

Yeah, you all are complaining about your own lives… but the way you’re doing it is in the same self-pitying, snarky fashion that everyone else on Tumblr has done/is doing so; therefore, you’re just falling in line, giving up your authenticity/sovereignty.

This shit is all a joke man, like I might as well log back into my old Xanga.. that’s basically what this shit is to me now. All of the thoughtless shallow dof pictures you took with the Nikons your parents spoiled you with… don’t do anything for me. That goes for “Fuck You” gifs too yall… 

Having said that, I do give the people who set these trends some credit; no matter how lame I think they are, these fads do appeal to millions of people and that’s something that deserves a pat on the back.. But to the consumers, not actual buyers, just people who aren’t innovators, I can’t say I have any respect for you; in my eyes your just riding the wave. Even if you jump on fast, you’ll never be “the one” behind the next big thing.. you’ll just be the kid reblogging it, sadly. 

So weep about all of the shit that isn’t going right for you, reblog what thousands of others have, take pictures that thousands of others have, or whatever’s hip on Tumblr now… just leave me THE FUCK out of it.